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For The Girls



First things first, let me introduce myself. My name is Julia and I am the Director of Content for Grand Prix Scout. I am (clearly) a huge MotoGP fan, but I am much more than just a fan-girl. I am a motocross rider, a personal trainer and a retired equestrian athlete. I crunch numbers to study all the riders and circuits currently in the MotoGP series and I LOVE my job! One reason I love my job is the freedom it gives me to explore new areas of the sport such as…… YOU! Women in motorsports is a rapidly growing population and I want to not only study its trends and growth patterns, but also provide an educational resource for my fellow queens.

Are you hooked yet? Read on my dear…

Why are we here?

It’s no secret that the idea of women in motorsports is often accompanied by a sexual connotation. “Pin up” photos of women posing with motorcycles are everywhere. I’m here to ask the guys to take a back seat and watch what we’re capable of.┬áNow let’s just be real for a second – we’re damn fabulous. Yes, it is true, we’re lookers. I mean come on, we’re badass females invading a male dominant sport. But HELLO!! Can everyone stay in their lane and get with the times? It’s 2019 and females around the world are changing the motorsport athlete population profile.

Let’s revisit this whole female invading a male dominate sport idea… It’s not easy. It’s intimidating, it requires extensive resources and is a completely foreign environment for most gals. Does this mean we should delay our dreams of joining track days or procrastinate playing in the dirt? Ummmmm hell no! It will take time, confidence in one’s self and a certain level of physical AND mental preparation – but hey, let’s get it girls!

What is my goal here? I want to provide women a resource to learn more about mental and physical preparation for riding, no matter what discipline of riding you prefer. This will include workouts to help target the specific muscle groups utilized most in riding as well as educational pieces that dive into the science behind and the benefits of cross-training. We are built much differently than men and therefore require exercises and health tips that are geared towards women. Additionally, I want to provide you with resources and tips for expanding your riding experiences. This may be a different scenario for everyone but by collaborating with you all, we will be able to create a well-rounded resource for those looking for guidance in various areas such as joining track days, riding meet ups and much more.

This section is the newest addition to our website and will take time to develop but stay tuned for further updates and if you haven’t already, join our email list for exclusive emails written by women, for women in motorsports!