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Welcome to Grand Prix Scout’s “Study Hall,” where we provide you with tips and tricks to better prepare yourself as you head to the circuit. We’ve been educating you on the MotoGP riders, now let’s have some YOU time.

The valuable information that can be found in our Study Hall is sourced from educators with a wide range of backgrounds. Sit back, relax and learn something!


March 28, 2019


Making Your First, Or Next, Trackday Significantly Safer


Today we are diving into the do’s and don’ts for safe track behavior with motorcycle racer, writer and instructor, Nick Ienatsch. Nick is the founder and CEO of the Yamaha Champions Riding School and has a weekly column in Cycle World where he transforms his years of experience, into educational pieces that are designed to help you safely get around a circuit. Let’s get a better idea of what this is all about with a quick excerpt from Cycle World.

“…one reason riders will not go to the track is fear of being taken out by another rider… But as every expert-level trackday or roadracer realizes, newer or slower riders also share gigantic responsibility for all riders’ safety. Yes, it’s easy to place the onus for collisions on the passing rider but that simply isn’t reality. Fast riders have extremely narrow margins of error and their usable line around the track tightens to inches, literally. Changing direction quickly on a fast-moving bike to avoid an errant rider sometimes cannot be done. I don’t hear the slower riders’ responsibilities being described often enough and hope this column jumpstarts those discussions.”

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