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Rider Stats

The 2019 season is upon us and we are ready to see all our favorite riders back on the grid and ready to fight for the World Championship title!

What does our Rider Stats page have to offer you? This year we are focusing on three things:

  • Rider Watch List 
    • How does this sound? Our team studies every rider in regards to their historical performance on every circuit, in all weather conditions. We then compile a “Rider Watch List” before every Grand Prix examining a handful of the top riders, some of the “up and comers” and a few that are stuck on the struggle bus. Sound good? Sounds good. Check it out!
  • Current Rider Performance for the 2019 Season
    • Stay up to date on all the riders as they battle each other for the one World Championship Title.
  • Rider Projections
    • Here you can find projection rates for the top ten ranked riders from the 2018 season. This includes analysis on both their consistency and speed improvements over the past few years as well as what our team hopes to see from them in the new season.