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Index Library

The Grand Prix Scout team has developed and is continuing to develop indexes to supplement our circuit and rider analysis.  To help put these indexes into context, we have provided an explanation of what each index represents. All rider related indexes can be studied on either a circuit or sector scale. Questions? Feel free to shoot us a message!

  • Speed Index
    • How quickly a rider can move through a circuit or specific section of that circuit
  • Consistency Index
    • A rider’s ability to maintain a small variation in sector/lap times
  • Combined Index
    • A speed index handicapped by a consistency index
  • Predator Index
    • How well a rider can study his opponents and move through the group on a lap to lap basis
  • Prey Index
    • How well a rider can maintain a defensive riding style to block others from passing and hold a position
  • Projection Rate Index:
    • Tracks the evolution of a rider’s performance to identify those who are improving at a faster rate and those who are plateauing
  • Circuit Technicality Index
    • A numerical value to rank each circuit’s sectors on a technical scale