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French GP Rider Watch List

May 14, 2019 • admin

The French Grand Prix Rider Watch List is now posted! This week we broke it down by manufacturer. We chose one rider from each manufacturer and have provided anlysis around each based off a variety of factors including:

  • historical performance indexes
  • predator / prey indexes
  • performance trajectories
  • circuit analysis
  • climate analysis

I know what you’re thinking- the detail that goes into our analysis is AMAZING. And guess what – you are correct!

We have provided the historical average combined indexes for each rider currently racing in the series. The indexes represent all four sectors of the circuit combined and reflect historical speed handicapped by consistency.

A smaller index = faster, more consistent times
A smaller index = less error
A smaller index = stronger performance
Are you catching my drift?


This week’s riders are highlighted in yellow.

2019 Riders Ranked By Historical Combined Index at the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

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