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Circuit Stats

The Grand Prix Scout team is here to bring you valuable analysis to enhance the MotoGP viewership experience. We study historical and current rider performance, various weather factors that impact road racing and circuit configuration and technical difficulty. More about this circuit analysis…. Each circuit is broken down into four sectors and each sector has unique characteristics that affect road racing in different ways. We fuse these characteristics into a single quantitative value that allows us to present each sector in a ranked order.


Q: Why are circuit stats useful?

A: Not only do they allow us to classify each sector of each circuit, but they also allow us to forecast confidence levels for rider performance. A specific sector can make or break a race for any rider. Riders often have a territory on a circuit where they historically outshine their performance on the remaining three sectors and sometimes outshine their opponents. We are here to break it down and classify each sector of each circuit.


Q: What variables do you take into account when analyzing and classifying circuits and sectors?

A: The list is long! Picture a specific sector and try to imagine all the different elements that may affect how this section is ridden. Length of sector, number of turns, angles of turns, elevation changes, slopes of these fluctuations in elevation… need I say more? Compiling all these variables in such a way that can reflect a sector’s level of technicality can be complex, but that is why we are here! Raw data + Grand Prix Scout = applicable MotoGP analysis for race fans.


Q: How can I utilize this information when studying the series?

A: Our goal is to present a well-rounded library that encompasses some of the most important and influential components that impact race day. By cross-referencing the circuit stats with climate analysis and historical rider performance, viewers are able to dive into the series on a whole new level with new information to supplement other media sources. We are not here to replace any one data source but instead to offer unique, supplementary information to round out riders, teams and circuits.


Check back for analysis on each circuit as we release them over the next couple of weeks!