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About Us

Our Story:

Grand Prix Scout began as a collaboration between a road racing coach and a geospatial expert. We saw a need for more in depth analysis around each racer in regards to their performance and *risk factors*. We generate indexes that reflect a rider’s historical performance, profiling their consistency and speed through each racing circuit. Before each race we combine the key elements with our indexes to identify each rider’s strengths, weaknesses and future performance. Think moneyball.

Through educating you race fans, we are able to provide a more in depth and insightful MotoGP experience. Our analysis gives context to rider performance by answering the most vital questions: when, where, what, and most importantly, why.

Racing is more than a fast bike with a talented rider. It is a mosaic of variable circumstances.

Our mission is to provide MotoGP fans and other stakeholders with performance benchmarks for every rider on every sector of every circuit. Our algorithms are composed of four key elements: historical data, weather,  track configuration, and bike set up.

Our goal is to educate fans, increase MotoGP’s popularity, and help to promote talent through the series.