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A Window To The Past

June 11, 2019 • admin
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This year has been one adrenaline pumping race after another and we don’t expect these guys to slow down now. With only 2 Spanish riders ranked within the top 7 world standings, we hope to see a significant push as many head to their home circuit.

Interested to learn more about how each rider has performed here in the past? Well you’re in luck! Below we have provided the historical combined indexes for each rider currently racing. The combined index reflects a rider’s speed index handicapped by their consistency index on the Circuit de Barcelona – Catalunya. The data being studied ranges from the 2015 season – the 2018 season.

A smaller index = faster, more consistent times

*Note: You may (or may not have) noticed that only half the riders are ranked by a combined index. Riders listed without an index have either crashed or not participated in the Grand Premi Monster Energy de Catalunya within the past four years. 

As you can see, many riders are going in with little to no experience racing on this circuit in the MotoGP series.