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May 23, 2019 • admin • Image

Let’s talk Ducati Part 1… Dovizioso vs Miller

May 23, 2019 • admin

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Last weekend, the Ducati team dominated Le Mans with a tight race for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place. With the exception of Repsol Honda rider, Marc Marquez, who started from pole position and finished in P1 (surprise surprise…), the Ducati boys came in HOT and crushed the race.

Andrea Dovizioso, Danilo Petrucci and Jack Miller all brought unique skills to the circuit and while some complemented each other, others ultimately swayed the outcome to favor the two factory riders. This is not to say that Dovi and Petrucci were obvious podium contenders, as Jack Miller gave a performance that reminded us of his potential as a factory rider. So, what contributed to Dovi and Miller’s “edge?” Meaning, what ultimately allowed Dovizioso to climb through the pack after a rough start off the grid? And why was Miller looking so strong until he well, wasn’t?

Quite the unpredictable rider, Jack Miller has established a “classic Miller act” where he flies through the first half of the race and then begins to fade. Hey Jack, have you heard of a little thing called self-preservation? Put this in terms of rider stamina, tire care in regard to circuit conditions and your opponents. Miller’s consistency indexes reflect his sporatic riding style as he comes in a little too hot and slowly loses his edge throughout the race. A strong first half of the race is important but not if it can’t be paired with a competitive second half. Although Miller began to slip back, he maintained a strong prey index which reflected his ability to defend P4 by holding his lines and preventing Rossi from gaining ground on him.

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Jack Miller ultimately needs to prove his ability to hit the circuit with a more mature riding style that Ducati can trust him to hold for an entire race. The attention to detail we need to see from the 24 year old Australian will require him to take a step back, get his priorities straight and ripen his style to one that fans and teams can rely on.

Let’s welcome Andrea Dovizioso back to the party! Holding the strongest predator index out of the three Ducati riders, Dovi utilized his hunting skills to patiently study Miller and determine how and where he could pass him. Analyzing Miller for 12 laps, Dovizioso didn’t try anything risky but instead, preserved his tires for the first half of the race which allowed him to push harder for the second half. Time and time again, Dovizioso strategically navigates the circuit with a levelheaded approach that demonstrates his wisdom and harmony he has developed with Ducati. Take notes Jack!



By Julia Robinson

New Rider Cross-Training Profiles Now Available!

May 21, 2019 • admin

We have just added three new cross-training profiles for…

If you are unfamiliar with cross-training and the numbers benefits athletes gain from it, check out our cross-training page where we dive into the concept and how it applies to MotoGP racing. More profiles to come!

French GP – Dream Team Results

May 20, 2019 • admin

This week’s dream team results were VERY different than fans betted on with team 2 taking the 1st place trophy and team 1 (fan favorite) coming in 4th place. Somebody didn’t do their research prior to voting…

Post Race Results:

Fan Vote Results:

1st: Team 1
2nd: Team 2
3rd: Tie between team 3 and 4

Actual Results:

1st: Team 2
2nd: Team 3
3rd: Team 4
4th: Team 1





Want to learn more about our gentleman’s betting that takes place the week before each race? Click here!

Stay Updated!

May 20, 2019 • admin

Post GP is a great time to reflect on the 2019 season thus far… Be sure to check out our 2019 season page where we recap each Grand Prix and provide you with the updated World Championship rankings!

Dream Team #1 – Fan Favorite

May 17, 2019 • admin

Our “Gentleman’s Betting,” gives you the opportunity to bet on “dream teams” every race which compete for the maximum championship points.

Utilizing our performance and trajectory indexes for all riders on all circuits, we are able to build statistically fair “dream teams” for every race.

This week’s fan favorite going into the French GP was Team 1! The team consisted of Miller, Rins, Nakagami, Rabat and Quartararo and was chosen by 56.52% of fans to bring home the most cumulative championship points.

Results will be posted Monday after the race so make sure to check back to see how your chosen team does!


Maverick Vinales P1 after FP2

May 17, 2019 • admin

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Monster Energy Yamaha rider Maverick Vinales leads the pack after FP2 in Le Mans!

Did you miss this week’s rider watch list? Read on to hear our thoughts on Vinales as he races through another weekend.



Yamaha rider, Maverick Vinales, has an inconsistent history at Le Mans with both his grid and final positions varying greatly year to year. Showing competitive indexes in T1 and T3, Vinales has historically relied more on his consistency than speed to get him over the finish line. With a pole position in 2017 matched with a 1st place finish, Maverick has proven his ability to lead the pack on this fast-paced circuit. The difference in his past grid positions to his final placing positions alludes to his evenly matched predator and prey indexes. Regardless of his starting grid position, Vinales always uses his predator skills to climb his way through the pack. We hope to see a repeat of Jerez as the Yamaha rider heads to the French Grand Prix. What exactly did we LOVE about his performance in Jerez? If you missed our post-race analysis on Maverick, we loved three things: faster average times than we’ve seen from him all season, a solid average consistency and a significantly stronger prey index. Riding with a defensive riding style, he was able to keep others from overtaking him and study his leading opponents to match their predator styles.

A tight race for championship points in Le Mans

May 17, 2019 • admin

It’s the second European race of the season and the weekend is well underway as riders hit the circuit for free practice. The current World Championship standings are as close as ever, giving the French GP a significant weight in the rankings. Just how close are they?



  • The top 4 riders fall within 9 points of each other
  • 5th place stands alone with a 20 point gap behind 4th
  • 6th – 11th place all fall within 9 points



It is always fun to see strong competition throughout the entire pack (not just in the top 5!).  With riders ranked so closely going into Le Mans, each point obtained in the race will carry significant weight in the championship rankings.

Want to see where all the riders are currently ranked? Head to our Current Rider Performance page where we keep you up to date after each GP!

Yes, we have MORE analysis for you!

May 14, 2019 • admin

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Want to round out the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit before riders hit the circuit this Friday? Check out its unique weather profile as well as its sector technicality rankings!

French GP Rider Watch List

May 14, 2019 • admin

The French Grand Prix Rider Watch List is now posted! This week we broke it down by manufacturer. We chose one rider from each manufacturer and have provided anlysis around each based off a variety of factors including:

  • historical performance indexes
  • predator / prey indexes
  • performance trajectories
  • circuit analysis
  • climate analysis

I know what you’re thinking- the detail that goes into our analysis is AMAZING. And guess what – you are correct!

We have provided the historical average combined indexes for each rider currently racing in the series. The indexes represent all four sectors of the circuit combined and reflect historical speed handicapped by consistency.

A smaller index = faster, more consistent times
A smaller index = less error
A smaller index = stronger performance
Are you catching my drift?


This week’s riders are highlighted in yellow.

2019 Riders Ranked By Historical Combined Index at the Le Mans Bugatti Circuit

Click here to learn more!

French Grand Prix Dream Team Release

May 9, 2019 • admin

It’s almost race week and that means that it is time for some friendly Gentleman’s Betting! Head to our Dream Team page where we have utilized our performance and trajectory indexes for all riders on all circuits to build you statistically fair “dream teams.” Cast your vote before Friday’s Free Practice at the Le Mans Bugatti circuit!

Our Thought On Dovizioso and Vinales – Spanish GP 2019

May 8, 2019 • admin

A second 4th place finish in a row for Ducati rider, Andrea Dovizioso and a comeback podium finish for Yamaha rider, Maverick Vinales – here are our thoughts and analysis on these performances from the Spanish Grand Prix.

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Dovi Dovi Dovi…

Prior to the race, we wrote up a brief piece on Dovizioso explaining his past struggles in Jerez and what we needed to see from him going into the first European GP. Now I’m not sure if Dovizioso got his hands on our rider release but boy did he deliver! Starting off the grid in P4, the Ducati rider patiently stayed back, studied his opponents and preserved his tires before executing his plan of attack. So where did he excel on this circuit?

Everyone, meet sector 4, AKA Dovizoso territory!

AD held the strongest average consistency in sectors 2 and 4. He also held the fastest average sector 4 times. Why did this give him such a leg up? T4 is one of the longer sectors at this circuit meaning it gave Dovizioso more ground to exploit his strengths and pressure his opponenets. Additionally, no other riders had such a strong combination in sector 4, meaninig they either excelled in speed or consistency, but not both. While Dovizioso was able utilize T4 EACH lap, other riders relied on consistent, slow times or a mixed blessing of inconsistent times.


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Maverick Vinales – We Missed You

It was nice to see Yamaha rider, Maverick Vinales, back on the podium this weekend at Jerez. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen Vinales in the top 3, and after a jump start penalty in Texas, the Spanish rider came into race weekend determined as ever.

What did we like about Maverick’s performance at Jerez?

Faster average times than we’ve seen from him this season, a solid average consistency that ranked him 3rd out of all the riders, anddddd a significantly stronger prey index! Vinales maintained a defensive riding style which allowed him to keep others from overtaking him. His indexes were not the strongest of the pack, but his improved prey-like technique complimented his smooth riding style and ultimately reflected the Vinales we’ve missed oh so much.


Full steam ahead as we prepare for the French Grand Prix!



By Julia Robinson

Rins vs. Marquez – Spanish GP

May 7, 2019 • admin

The 2018 World Champion is back on top!  With an effortless performance at this weekend’s race in Jerez, Repsol Honda rider, Marc Marquez earned yet another 1st place podium finish. Not a bad way to start the European leg of the season… Additionally, Marquez swooped back into 1st place in the World Championship rankings by a SLIM 1 point. With a 1.65 second lead over Suzuki rider, Alex Rins, Marc Marquez defended his title at the Circuito de Jerez as he’s been spotted in the 1st place podium position two years in a row.

Interested to learn more about where on the circuit these two riders excelled? Both Marquez and Rins had an excellent performance this past weekend and we are here to identify unique skills that both riders posses.

Photo Source:

Alex Rins- Taking the 2019 Season by Storm

P9 to P2 within 25 laps. How does Alex Rins continuously climb his way through the pack each race? It seems to be a mystery… not! Read on Rins fans.

Let’s focus on Alex’s predator / prey index which tied Rossi’s for 1st out of the group. Jumping from P9 to P6 right off the grid, Rins’s predator mindest is clearly reflected in the pattern of his riding. Holding his temporary position for 3-5 laps each time he makes a pass, Rins patiently studies the riders ahead of him, as to not waste any passing opportunities. While some riders try to overtake at any given chance, Rins gives himself a few laps to better understand who he is up against at that moment and how he can utilize his smooth, unique riding style to challenge others. He realizes that at that moment, all that matters is gaining that one position ranking. We are thouroughly impressed by this mature, methodical thinking from such a “green” rider as we often see this from more seasoned riders who are fine tuning their skill sets.

Photo Source:

Marc Marquez- An Unstoppable Force

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez had quite the comeback at yesterday’s race with one of his classic “check out wins” where he lead the pack for the entire race. With a great start off the grid from P3, Marquez was off and running. Holding the strongest average speed index for all sectors combined, #93 crossed the finish line just 1.6 seconds ahead of Alex Rins. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty… Marquez OWNED sectors 1 and 3. We’re talking dominant in both consistency and speed. And hey, guess what? T3 is the longest of the four sectors with T1 close behind. Gaining ground through the longer sectors, Marquez was able to begin distancing himself from the pack and focus on finding his groove.

Onwards to France!



By Julia Robinson 

Spanish GP Dream Team Results

May 5, 2019 • admin

Did you get your vote in last week? If so, check out the results to see how you did! If not, stay tuned for the French GP Dream Teams coming soon!



Fan Predictions:

Tie for 1st and 2nd: Team 1 and Team 2

3rd Place: Team 4

4th Place: Team 3


Actual Results:

1st Place:  Team 1  –  43 points

2nd Place: Team 2  –  37 points

3rd Place:  Team 4  –  34 points

4th Place:  Team 3  –  20 points


An exciting day at the Circuito de Jerez!

May 5, 2019 • admin

Photo Source:

Three riders, three manufacturers, one podium!

It was a great kick off to the European portion of the 2019 season! Stay tuned for Dream Team results, performance analysis on the three podium riders and much more!

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