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Andrea Iannone – Rider Projection

January 17, 2019 • admin

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“…Consistency will be key as his drive for speed may be less aggressive until he finds harmony with the new bike.”

Head over to Andrea Iannone’s new performance profile page where we analyze his past performance that has lead him to the Aprilia Factory Team!

New page alert!

January 15, 2019 • admin

Let’s talk circuit analysis

“…Each circuit is broken down into four sectors and each sector has unique characteristics that affect road racing in different ways. We fuse these characteristics into a single quantitative value that allows us to present each sector in a ranked order.”

Click here to learn more!

New Year, New Team for Spanish Rider Jorge Lorenzo

January 9, 2019 • admin

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“…Now take that skill to Honda, a quick yet agile bike that has the ability to fly through technical sections like no other, paired with a rider whose speed and significantly competitive consistency allows him to check out and pull ahead of opponents each lap. This may just be the next dynamic duo.”

New page on Jorge Lorenzo – where he’s been and where we see him going as he enters a new year with the Repsol Honda Team! Click here to read more.

Weather and Racing – Why We Care

January 8, 2019 • admin

Source: Roadracing World

Weather, one of our four key elements utilized when building our algorithms, steers the outcome of any given lap and race. This unpredictable, powerful component is often over simplified with a surface report focusing on air temperature and precipitation. While these are factors that viewers may be able to feel in person and see through a camera lens, there are a handful of significant components that must be taken into consideration when performing bike set up and planning the optimal race line. We are here to educate you on these factors and their influence on road racing.

First thing you must know is the difference between climate and weather. Climate refers to the long term patterns and studies averages where as weather is the day to day fluctuations in the atmosphere. Climate = long-term / weather = short-term.

As our team works through historical climate data, various weather components will be identified and tied back to their affects on racing. Each circuit being raced on during the 2019 season will be analyzed and profiled for any given month in regards to four main climate factors: average air temperature, precipitation, humidity levels and outgoing long wave radiation. These four factors combined allow you to understand what is happening in the atmosphere, the air and on the earth’s surface.

Source: Honda Global

It is more than precipitation and air temperature. Weather forms chain reactions and these all have varying impacts on racing. For example, moisture levels in the air impacts elements such as tire grip and cloud formation. Cloud formation will in turn reflect incoming solar radiation from the sun and will trap outgoing long wave radiation being released from the earth. Imbalances in radiation will have an impact on surface temperature which will also impact tire grip. Correlations such as these are what we will be breaking down and explaining in a way that helps understand how and why weather plays such a significant role on race day.

Our goal is to analyze, educate and ultimately further the MotoGP viewing experience. Make sure to check back as we populate the “Weather & Racing” page! Have any questions or suggestions? Feel free to shoot us a message here!


New Year Same Goal

January 4, 2019 • admin

Owned and operated by Piedmont Racing Limited, MotoGP Scout provides a more in depth and insightful MotoGP experience. Our analysis gives context to rider performance by answering the most vital questions: when, where, what, and most importantly, why.

Racing is more than a fast bike with a talented rider. It is a mosaic of variable circumstances.

Our mission is to create a dynamic predictive analytics platform for MotoGP race fans. Our algorithms are composed of four key elements: historical data, weather,  track configuration, and bike set up.

MotoGP Cross-Training Techniques Coming YOUR Way!

December 21, 2018 • admin

Interested to learn more about cross-training? What it is, what its significant is and how it applies to MotoGP? Make sure to check out our “Cross-Training” section where we dive into the theory behind cross-training and how it develops both physical and mental health. Additionally, we have a page dedicated to the MotoGP Scout team and their cross-training activities. Just scroll to the bottom of the cross-training page!

Happy holidays and happy riding!


From Satellite to Factory – Petrucci Races On

December 20, 2018 • admin

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Entering his 8th season in the MotoGP series, Danilo Petrucci joins Dovizioso on the Ducati Factory team. Click here to check out Petrucci’s stats page where we cover his historical performance and what we hope to see from him going forward.

The Wild Card Rider – CC #35

December 17, 2018 • admin

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“If Crutchlow can keep his bike on two wheels, his skill level and experience pose him as a serious threat to other riders. We hope to see him back on the circuit and fit for the February test events…”

Click here to read more about Cal Crutchlow, where he’s been and where he’s going in regards to performance!

New season, new team for Johann Zarco

December 14, 2018 • admin

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“… we hope Zarco eases into the season with a focus on harmony with the new bike and consistent times. Sector speeds will improve with time but may not have the largest impact on his riding in the long term. Fast sector times may put you in front, but without a mutual understanding between bike and rider, consistency throughout a season may be jeopardized.”


Click here to learn more about Johann Zarco’s historical performance and index projections as he enters his third season with MotoGP.

2019 – A telling season for Suzuki rider, Alex Rins

December 13, 2018 • admin

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Flying into his third season of MotoGP, #42 Alex Rins must prove his maturity as a young, promising rider with a continued momentum in sector speed and an emphasis on sector consistency. Check out Rins’s page where we study his past and projected performance in the series!

NEW: Rider Projection Rates

December 12, 2018 • admin

Under our Rider Stats page you will find the 2018 championship rankings along with individual rider index analysis and projections. Additionally, you will find a link to our Rider Index Rankings where we compare riders side by side in regards to index improvement rate.

Let’s break these values down… The top rider will have a larger negative number which represents their trendline slope. A steeper slope resembles a faster improvement rate with larger performance jumps each season. We expect a faster rate of improvement for newer riders as they are refining their riding style and skills at a larger scale. On the contrary, lifelong racers may present a smaller values as they have had years of experience to perfect certain skills and begin polishing up on minor details with less numerical variation.

Check back for updates as we populate the Rider Stats page each week!

How MotoGP Scout’s CEO cross-trains

December 11, 2018 • admin

Meet Scott, MotoGP Scout’s CEO who also teaches road racing! Living in the countryside of Virginia, Scott has found many activities to help him cross-train both physically and mentally. Click here to learn more!

Strongest Speed Improvement Rate: MV #12

December 11, 2018 • admin


Check out our progression analysis on Maverick Vinales! Two seasons with Suzuki and going into his third season with Yamaha, we expect great things from this rider!

Engineering and Skiing – Meet MotoGP Scout team member Antonio!

December 6, 2018 • admin

Make sure to check out the MotoGP Scout team cross-training page where we profile each team member and dive into their primary sports and cross-training activities!

Rider Stats- Analysis on the past, present and future

December 5, 2018 • admin

If you haven’t already, make sure to visit our Rider Stats page where we are diving into past, present and future analysis of each MotoGP rider. During the season we release our MVP riders before each race based on historical performance (formulated from a handful of variables) on any specific circuit. So as we all anxiously await the start of a new season, the team decided to provide you race fans with projections for each rider. Rider analysis will be released throughout the off-season by ranking from the 2018 championship points.

So why do YOU care? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to track your favorite MotoGP rider’s performance over the past 5 seasons? To see if a linear improvement is being made and perhaps compare their rate of improvement to other riders? We are here to educate! We provide you with performance tracking on both speed indexes and consistency indexes for each year, comprised of every circuit that the rider completed a race on. Additionally, we provide the trend line equation for each chart, allowing you to project where a rider may be in X amount of years from now.

As the off-season slowly progresses and data continues to be collected, each rider page will be continuously updated to keep you in the loop. But wait, there’s more… We will also be populating rider cross-training pages to help round out each rider. Make sure to check back frequently for updates!

Questions? Feel free to shoot us an email!